About Us

Black Stave Whiskey is a premium American whiskey with a rich history that is deeply rooted in Kentucky’s bourbon heritage. The whiskey’s unique flavor and aroma are derived from the charred oak barrel staves used in its production. The tradition of using charred oak barrels in whiskey-making dates back to the early days of Kentucky’s bourbon industry, where it was discovered that the charring process imparted a distinctive flavor and color to the whiskey. The use of charred oak barrels has since become a hallmark of American whiskey-making and is now regulated by law. Black Stave Whiskey pays homage to this time-honored tradition by using the finest oak barrels, expertly charred to bring out the whiskey’s full potential. With its smooth, bold flavor and a distinct smokiness, Black Stave Whiskey stands out as a testament to the rich heritage of American whiskey-making.